DeltaPix Invenio 10EIII

Fast Streaming, high sensitivity and one-of-a-kind color fidelity

The Invenio 10EIII, a 10-megapixel camera, features high image quality, sensitivity, color fidelity and speed. The Invenio 10EIII is designed to produce fast, high-quality images for documentation, quality control and analysis for a wide range of samples and applications.

The Invenio EIII microscope camera is equipped with the same sensors as many other cameras on the market, and yet major differences in performance can be seen. One of the differences is noise. The noise comes from the sensor itself, but also from the surrounding electronic circuitry and cables. Intelligent selection of components, cabling, grounding and shielding can significantly reduce noise levels.

Premium 10-Megapixel-Images

Briliant color fidelity

Sony Exmor Back-illuminated sensor

Inkluded imaging software

Suplemental Modules of Imaging-Software DeltaPix InSight


With 3D Topography, coarse surfaces can be profiled and analyzed. Measure heights by stacking focal planes. 

To better visualize data, InSight not only creates a 3D model of the scan but also interactive diagramms.


Measuring Roughness

Project 2D slices of your 3D scan.  Apply tangents and derive geometrical factors for your evaluation. You can construct and scale diagramms based on your results.


Motorized Auto-Panorama

Define start and end point and let your motorized system calculate the best route and snapshot positions to stitch together a panorama image. This way it can automatically capture a large image of the entire sample area.


Live Enhanced Depth of Field (EDF)

The Live-EDF Module helps you build a depth-focused image within seconds. By taking many snapshots of the same position in different Z-positions (focal depths), a layered image without blurry parts is created. The software algorithm makes sure that during layering, no artifacts are created.


Original Image
Modified Image




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