ASKANIA Mikroskop Technik Rathenow

Precision Made in Rathenow.

The ASKANIA Microscopy Technology Group Rathenow stands for quality craftsmanship in the field of optical precision engineering for many years. Our cataloge entails a vast variety of applications for microscopy. Be it research, industry, technological development or life and urban science: We find the perfect solution together.

Our Team consists of motivated coworkers, who present many years of expertise developing and perfecting our microscopes. We have arrived at a state in which our products are in fact configurations of fine-tuned modules. This allows us to build the perfect device for your application.
Does your project feature a rare, unique challenge and you just can't find the right equipment anywhere?
Contact us, we can discuss the necessary specifications with our experts– and build the optical solution.

We supply beginners with study microscopes and go all the way to high-end fully automated systems. You will obtain a microscope perfectly tailored to your work tasks and requirements. Thanks to our constantly growing cataloge of microscopy cameras and graphical measurement softwares we can ensure you the best documentation and analysis of your captured media and sample micro photographs.  

Not only have we a tradition of producing our own versatile microscopes, but we are also a reliable partner of Carl Zeiss Group.
Feel free to ask us anything about Zeiss devices. We can provide you with quality online tutorials and hands-on conference teaching. Come visit us in Rathenow to test original Zeiss devices in our showroom, or shoot us a message for your personal Zeiss tour.

There are increasingly specialized microscopes and you can end up having a hard time picking the one perfectly suited for your task. Thats why our distributive team answers any question and takes time to inform and support you.
Call us now +49 3385 5371 0 or send us an E-Mail: Your satisfaction is our greatest priority.

We're your contact for repair, service and maintenance of any microscope – Thanks to our expansive knowledge gathered by building our own products, we have experience handling microscopy core technologies and can apply our manufacturing skills to third party devices and even older models that lack official support.
Our services and our inwards expecations are qualified by DIN ISO 9001: 2015.


Interested in more? Watch our short exposé video: (Please turn on subtitles)