Polarization equipment - Reflected and Transmitted light

Polarization contrast is optimal suited for observing samples from mineralogy, material research and micro technology. Other applications are quality control and optical measurement in the field of fibre and textile industry as well as plastics and packaging technology.

  • Incident light polarization equipment    (300162:012.22)

An analyser filter is mounted in front of the light source when using the standard illuminator LED or halogen. The app. polariser is mounted onto the microscope body in front of the objective. There are also available a polariser for cold light devices.

  • Transmitted light polarization equipment    (300162:013.22)
For transparent objects the option of transmitted light investigations is even possible for polarization examinations. For use with the transmitted light device and the turntable the polariser has to be inserted into the turntable. A rotatable analyser filter will be mounted in front of the objective. 

Reflected and Transmitted light polarization at the GSZ 2