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LED Spot illuminator assembled at the articulated arm

The LED Incident light illuminator (Reflected light) is a small, very easy to install and adjustable illuminator which can be adjusted in all directions. The beam of the spot can be adjusted manually by using the focus ring. The spot will be adapted directly at the illumination holder of the microscope or at the articulated arm. The articulated arm (semi fixed light guide, flexible or rigid,  for reproducable settings) offers an exactly orientation of the illumination to the sample. This offers the possibility to have a reflected-darkfield by a oblique illumination (beside the normal bright-field illumination).

  • 3W-LED Incident light illuminator, focusable with coiled cord
  • 3W-LED Incident light illuminator, focusable with 1m long cable

The LED Incident light illuminator can be directly connected to the stand with built-in power supply or you have to need an additional transformer.

  • Articulated arm for 6V 20W illuminator
  • Articulated arm for 6V 10W illuminator and 3W-LED Incident light illuminator
  • Articulated arm semi-fixed light guide for 3W-LED Incident light illuminator

LED Incident light illuminator at the articulated arm