Photo- and TV-Documentation

The long-awaited request to connect a digital Reflex (D-SLR) camera or a digital video camera to a microscope becomes true for several years. Now, even with the highest resolution, digital images can be taken or live video images can be transmitted to an external monitor.
All well-known camera manufacturers offer digital D-SLR cameras or digital video cameras.

The camera body is connected via a T2-Adapter and the Photo adapter or a c-mount thread and the TV-Adapter to the microscope. The enlargement factor of the Photo adapter/TV-Aadapter has to be the size of the image recording chips in accordance with the camera. Therefore we offer different Photo adapter and TV-Adapter.  

Stereo Microscopes SMT 4 / SMC 4

Stereo Microscopes GSZ 2 / GSZ 2T

Reflected Light Microscopes MZM 1, RMA 5, TM 1 / TM 2, KMA 1 and Laboratory Microscopes RME 5/RML 5