Video-Measuring-Software Metric PE and Plus

Metric - software for measuring digital images

Metric is a manual software for the measurement of live and still images (2D) with simple measurement functions for example: distances, areas, diameters, count values and different masks for overlays, pass marks, circles, ellipses, squares, grid networks, tolerance rings as well as the possibility to overlay a stored image transparently over the live image in order to see differences.

Metric can read and write many image formats (bmp, wmf, gif, jpg, tif, png, dxf ...). The main advantage of Metric is the easy handling and the possibility to measure live images and superimpose them with objects and images.

Metric is available in several languages ​​(for example, German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian ...).

Metric - Benutzeroberfläche                             

The measurement program versions are: PE, PLUS and MT.

The Metric PE contains all basic measuring functions and references that are required for simple measurement and labeling of images. As well the simple comparison of images next to each other or the overlay function for comparing images that are "superimposed" are available in the PE version. The product range is rounded off several references, such as reticles, grid masks or tolerance rings.

The Metric Plus version includes all the functions of the Metric PE and additionally:

  •   special picture recording features, such as image sequences
  •   further references for reticles and DXF overlay function
  •  an extended menu measurement, e.g. Hardening measurements according to Brinell and Vickers

Metric MT contains the following functions and settings, which are not available in the other measurement program versions:

  • Linking and constructing objects
  • When connecting transducers and motor controllers, only the hardware is required. Once the hardware is installed, it will be recognized and taken into account by the measurement program
  • Advanced program options

An overview of the individual functions can be found in the document “Metric Functional Overview” in the download area.

Metric supports USB cameras from the uEye series as well as older analogue systems with a framegrabber card from Falcon or Eagle.




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